Shiva Parvati – Paper Mache Face Mask

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    Ardhanarishwar form is represented as half male and half female, which is said to be the combination of Lord Shiva and Adi-Shakti goddess Parvati. Ardhanarishvara signifies “totality that lies beyond duality”. It conveys that God is both Shiva and Parvati, “both male and female, father and mother and both destructive as well as constructive”. This form of lord depicts the equal importance of man and woman in this world it conveys that Shiva and Shakti are one and the same. Here the male part is painted white with three lines of ashes on forehead where as the female part is painted slightly orange with nose accessory. But both have one common feature that is the third eye on their forehead.

    Grab this beautifully portrayed Ardhanarishwar mache mask to promote equality in today’s world.

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    Height: 5.8in    Width: 4.75in    Length: 2.85in