Sand Stone Dharmachakra Buddha Sculptulre 29.5inch 19

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Sand Stone Dharmachakra Buddha Sculpture 29.5 inch (2.5 ft), is a simple yet elegant piece of décor. Become more beautiful with age.

Material: Sandstone/ Redstone
Height: 2.5 ft (approx.)
Dimension(HWL): 29.5 x 17 x 7.5 inch
Position: Sitting

Buddha means a person who is awake. He was a prince of the Shakya tribe, son of King Shudhodana and Queen Maya. Raised with luxury and opulence. He married and had a son also. While everything was going right up to he reaches the age of 29, there is an incident that changed his mind towards the urge for illumination. He came across an old, sick, corpse which he realizes that no wealth can save him from suffering. so he left his lavish life and walk off and began his journey of spiritual quest.

6 years after through deep meditation and self-deprivation, he finally realized enlightenment under a fig tree in Bod Gaya. And he spent the rest of his life teaching others to attain enlightenment. His teachings include four noble truths,  which can be achieved with ethical conduct and the right attitude. With the eightfold truth, including ethical life that benefits others.

The above statue is the depiction of the period from his teaching, widely known as the Dharma chakra Buddha. sitting on a lotus platform with Vajrasana mudra (known as the double lotus pose). Both hands are folded in front of the hearts depicting that these teachings are straight from the heart, with the thumb and index of both hands touching at their tip to form a circle. The circle represents the “Wheel of Dharma”. The remaining fingers of both hands remain extended.

The middle extended finger of the right hand represents the listener of the teaching. The ring finger symbolizes the solitary Buddha (who independently achieves liberation), the little finger denotes Mahayana Buddhism. The other three fingers of the left hand denote the gems of Buddhism fist the Buddha, The Dharma (teachings), and the Sangha (the spiritual community).

Teaching Buddha statue is beneficial for people seeking academic and pursuing spiritual growth in their life. It develops the focus and intellect in life more.

Placement: Northeast corner is best for ripping the benefits of teaching Buddha as its the zone where spiritual energy lies. Always face the Buddha east, as Lord Buddha used to meditate while the sun rose.

Care:  The sandstone is a durable material that can stand any weather, also simple to clean. You only need a fiber cloth or broom to wipe down the statue, enough to ward off dust.

Additional information

Height: 29.5in    Width: 17in    Length: 7.5in
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Statue Position

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Bring this charm of happiness and luck home, decorate it in your office for prosperity and good luck or gift them to your loved ones.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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Statue Height

2.5 ft

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