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Description: Sand Stone Teaching Budha Statue 15 inch, a unique piece of the aged look of Buddha as it stood for years. An artisanal elegance provides gentle illumination in your space.

Material: Sandstone
Dimension(HWL): 15x10x5.5 inch
Position: Sitting

Lord Buddha has many forms of him, Dharmachakra mudra is one of them, where the symbolic sign, sitting posture, finger gesture has some nonverbal gestural communication. Dharma chakra  “wheel of Dharma” illustrates the most important phase of his life where he is seen preaching first time to his dispels. He is seen sitting on a lotus, usually, we see lotus beneath many deities, because lotus has the ability to grow into beautiful flowers even after growing in dirty muddy water, it’s a symbol that every human also has the same potential to overcome difficulties and pain. So the Buddha statue also depicted the same reason while sitting on a lotus. The eyes are closed in deep concentration.
In this mudra, Lord buddha is seen folding the right hand near his chest symbolizing the teaching directly coming through the heart, forming a circle with the tip of index and thumb, palm face outward. the circle represents the wheel of Dharma. The left-hand rests on the lap, forming the same circle with the fingers, palm facing upward. The remaining fingers of the two hands remain extended.

In his first sermon, he preached about the four noble truths of life by which a man can get himself enlightened and free from suffering. The four noble truths are 1. Suffering 2. The cause of suffering3. end of suffering 4. The path leads to the end of suffering. And the only way to achieve the path that leads to the end of suffering can be achieved by the eightfold truths which are 1. Right understanding, 2. Right thought, 3. Right speech, 4. Right action,5. Right livelihood, 6. Right effort, 7. Right mindfulness,8. Right concentration. In general, leading a life with a pure heart and thought ethical conduct, and meditation will put an end to all the suffering and one will attain enlightenment.

The Dharmachakra mudra statue brings focus, especially for students and spiritual seekers. It strengthens the heart chakra which helps to bring happiness and health when you kept at home. As it’s connected to cosmic energy so it energies our peace and calm of mind.

Placing:  You can place the buddha towards the main entrance facing outward to keep the evil and negative energy away. The face of the statue should always face east, as Lord Buddha used to meditate at sunrise. Northeast direction is best to place the teaching Buddha statue,(for academic success) both inside home or office.

Care Wipe down the statue with a cloth or broom, a soft toothbrush might be also useful to reach the pores. Never scrub too harshly.

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Height: 15in    Width: 10in    Length: 5.5in
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This product is suitable for indoor, outdoor & garden decoration.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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