Sandstone Lions Sculpture Set 12 inch

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    Create a forest using your imagination with the distressed sculpture of a lion set promoting creative possibilities of decorative display. Crafted from richly textured Sandstone on substantial heft for dependable stability.

    Material: Sandstone / Redstone
    Dimension(HWL): 12 x 6 x 11 inch
    Height: 1 ft
    Position: Sitting


    • The sculpture is a set of two lions made from Sandstone, the most durable and weather-resistant material.
    • The lions are adorned with necklaces, a crown design head bends, raising his one leg in the air,  other flats on the floor, tongue sprawling from the mouth while sitting on a square plinth.
    • With the mastery of engraving the whole idea of sculpture carved on a single stone, focus given over every detail from broad eyes to raised paws, the artisans have shown immense skill with the image / sculpt.
    The relation of the pulse-pounding animals in Hindu Mythology:
    • Lord Vishnu appears as half man half lion on his 4th Avatar on earth as “Narasimha”  also poplar as lion man.
    • Lion the epitome of courage and leadership serves as Vahana of Goddess Durga and other goddess-like  Parvati, Narasimhi, Katyayini, Skandamata, etc.
    • In Buddhist culture, lions contemplate royalty, dominion, and wisdom.
    • Because of their courage & authority, he is seen at the entrance of many Hindu shrines to protect and guard the temple.
    You will love to look at the sculpt you choose to display with our placement ideas:
    • Put your sculpture in such a location under eye level where people will look at it closely.
    • The empty nooks of your staircase, wall mounted shelves of the corner are perfect for placing the sculpt, you can use a pedestal or a still in case you don’t have a built-in shelf in the nooks.
    • Sculptures are best suited when placed on a shelve, untouched. Like fixed bracket shelves, where you don’t have to use the floor space it is secured on the wall.
    • Open storage shelves, bookshelves, china shelves, and curio cabinets where ever they are like in the bedroom, living study or office with a delicate design that attracts the onlooker.
    • Floating shelves are also widely used as a space-saving unit for display and capture a bold impression.
    • Make the best use of the empty corner of any room by a right-angled shelve, curbed shelf, or angular, to exhibit the art.
    • The statue can be the best place at the entrance of the home / office giving a royal glimpse.
    • You can put them on the edge of a driveway, garden pathway, or walkway of a pool or fountain over a pedestal, along with highlighting them with solar light, street lamp, or lantern.
    Protect your home from all ills with the grandeur:
    • Always place the statue of a lion / a set at the Northeast corner.
    • The statue transmutes the atmosphere into a positive one.
    • Prosperity and peace knock on the door of life of individuals who kept the ferocious pair.
    • it develops command and power among the people of the house.
    • Keeping it at the entryway or staircase near the entrance helps to ward off the evil energy.
    Trouble-free method of dusting :
    • When stone sculptures are left outside for decorative purposes, it gradually evanishes their appearance from dust and grime.
    • Don’t sweat it, with some of our easy-breezy tips, you can easily make the sculpt stand out for ages with its charisma.
    • For dusting use, a collectible dusting brush or a cotton broom, wipe and buff the whole sculpt properly.
    • Twice a year the stone sculptures need a water bathing, to detach the grime, mosh, and debris accumulated through the years, by rinsing all the dust with a coco brush and letting it air or sundry.

    Additional information

    Height: 12in    Width: 6in    Length: 11in
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    Bring this statue of happiness and luck home, decorate it in your office for prosperity and good luck or gift them to your loved ones.

    Statue Height

    9-12 inch