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Sand Stone Dancing Ganesha Statue 48 inch (4 ft), the most idolized, and admirable Hindu deity.  An enchanting carving on the sculpture by the brilliance craftsman from the state of Odisha. The lord is seen in his joyful form of dancing and enjoying.

Material: Sandstone/ Redstone
Height: 4 ft (approx.)
Dimension(HWL): 48 x 22 x 12 inch
Position :Standing

His four arms depict the inner attributes, which function us. His axe denotes hews of all desires, bearers of anguish and agony. With the help of axe he removes the obstacles. The prayer beads are a symbol of a calm and stress-free mental level. The broken tusk is a symbol of sacrifice and lastly, the pot full of sweetness signifies the reward of the spiritual and ethical action of the devotee. His image is a combination of four animals, the man, elephant, serpent, and mouse. His wide ears represent gaining knowledge, signifying the power of listening carefully. The belly contains an infinite universe which he holds with a kundalini symbolize by a serpent. The mouse represents our desires and ego, Lord Ganesha controls the mouse, we must also learn to control our desire and ego for a wise life. We must always illume ourselves with the light of knowledge.

Where there is Ganesha, there is success and prosperity. He is the precursor of opulence. Granter of windfall. Those who seek happiness and peace should bring the dancing Ganesha stone sculptures. Ganesha statue dancing posture looks utterly charming and engrossing, to the eye. He delivers the human spirit in the form of an idol. This sculpture is very enduring, you can place it at the entrance of any building or in your courtyard.

Placing: If you want to amplify the spirit of harmony and peace, in your space then Northeast corner is the best choice. You can place it in the main entrance, facing inside. Placing in the southeast corner increases positivity(this direction is applicable only for the dancing posture of the idol), and is considered to be good for people associate with creative work, artists.

Care:  The earthy-colored idol doesn’t need much maintenance, dusting with a cotton cloth or brush is enough to wipe away the dust.

Additional information

Height: 48in    Width: 22in    Length: 12in
Statue Type

Statue Position

Stone Type


Best suitable to place in your garden or at the entrance of your house/

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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Statue Height

4 ft

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