Sand Stone Sitting Ganesha Statue 48inch 16

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Sand Stone Sitting Ganesha Statue looks more beautiful and complex with age. The CRAFTS ODISHA artisans have made this stylish statue especially eye-catching.
Material: Sandstone Redstone
Dimension(HWL): 48 x 29 x 15 inch
Position: Sitting
Height: 4 ft

Features of the sitting black Ganesha god statue:

  • The sculpture displayed above is the elephant-headed god “Lord Ganpati”.
  •  Sitting in Lalitasana on a lotus plinth, with four arms, with the two upper arms holding the Paasa and Ankush, while one of the lower ones is holding his favorite sweetmeats and the other holds his broken tusk.
  • The trunk of this sculpture is bent towards the right, with a glossy rich finish making the sculpture more alluring.
 Significance of the south trunk Ganesha:
  • The right trunk Ganesh Murti is revered ardently and religiously.
  • The right side trunk is called Siddhi Vinayaka, Valampur, and Dakshina Varti Ganesha.
  • Siddhi, one of the wives of Ganpati resides to his right and therefore, the idol with a trunk curved to the right is called Siddhi Ganpati.
  • The right side channel is called the Pingala Nadi, which crosses Ida Nadi at Agnya Chakra (third eye) level. It is associated with the left side and the front of the brain. This channel caters to the right compassionate nervous system and is the supra-conscious mind. It makes our future.
  •  Ganesh Chaturthi falls on the fourth day of the waxing moon period (Shukla Chaturthi) in the Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapad.
A guide for placing the alluring  statues:
  • Displaying the statue at the entrance of any office/school or institution enhances the essence of your space.
  • Your home would look ravishing with the statue displayed over an iron pedestal in the vacant nooks & corners.
  • Get creative by displaying it on the patio among potted plants giving a natural vibe to the statue.
  • Make a statement by making a bed of flowers around the statue in your garden with vibrant colors.
  • You can place the mesmerizing idol on the end table of the living room.
  • The earthy charm pops up more when placed near or under a water feature like a pool, pond, or sprouting fountain.
  •  Place it in the foyer or entranceway over a console or sideboard between two lamps for illuminating the statue in dark.
The divine blessing of the Vaalampuri Ganesha:
  • Lord Valampuri banishes the fear of mishaps during journeys.
  • Grant the devotee prosperity and abundance with happiness.
  • Useful for people desiring early marriage.
Advice to make your Ganesha god statue clean and tidy:
  • Cleaning up your Ganesha god statue is an effortless job.
  • Douse the statue first then scrub the surface using a damp cloth or a soft bristle brush over the surface.
  • Once all the residue is detached, give the statue a final bath and let it air dry.
  • Keep it cleaned once in a while to keep its polished look and beauty.

Additional information

Height: 48in    Width: 29in    Length: 15in
Statue Type

Statue Position

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This sculpture is best to be placed at the entrance or in the lawn.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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Statue Height

4 ft

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