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Sand Stone Sitting Ganesha Sculpture 4.5 ft, an elegant piece of earthy look  Ganesha god statue, embellished with his usual Ayudha in his four hands. Each of which carries a distinct spiritual meaning.
Material: Sandstone/Redstone/Khondalite Stone
Height: 4.5 ft
Dimension(HWL): 54 x 26 x 15 inch
SittingThe son who is willing to fight until his last breath to avert a person from entering his mother’s casa to be made as chief of the Ganas by his father, Lord Ganesha’s story of birth to gain wisdom is indescribable. Regarded as the god who removes all distress and suffering.  There are various symbols Ganesha teaches us through to learn.The elephant head symbolizes one becomes what he thinks, learn to utilize full potential. smallmouth below the trunk signifies talk less work more. The large stomach keeps the infinite universe tied up with  (kundalini) a serpent. His tiny eyes depict to stay focused on your goal. His large ears are a symbol of a good listener. His broken tusk stands for utilizing your present resources of what you have and never regret over the sacrifices you made. His Anusha used to proceed always on the righteous path, the paasa (noose) is used to bind the devotee to the truth and captures all obstacles.

Ganesha has seen with his mount mouse, the bandicoot rat is a symbol of inner desire and ego would cause havoc if not get in control. So we should learn to have control over our ego and infinite desires. The sweet pot is illustrated on should keep working on the right path will be rewarded accordingly.

The lord is called “mangal murti” which means idol of auspiciousness, keeping the sandstone Ganpati statue one will attain liberation can free from obstacles, financial problems coming in personal as well as professional life, and will achieve the glory of success in health, wealth.  A simple yet rustic spiritual piece going to bring a positive vibe into your place

Placing: Ideally west, north, and northeast directions are perfect for keeping the idol to get favorable results. Make sure if you are keeping the idol at any entrance then the back of the idol should face the entrance.

Care: Sandstone is an incredible material that does not need much care, gently wiping with a fiber or cotton cloth is enough.

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Height: 54in    Width: 26in    Length: 15in
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Place it in your house or workplace for attracting prosperity and warding off bad influence.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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Statue Height

4.5 ft

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