Sandstone Monkey (Banara) Sculpture 12 inch C9

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Capture some graceful creature from the wild. The monkey Banara sculpture is beloved as much by kids who love them the most. Give him a space on your super cute collectibles ready for display.

Material: Sandstone / Redstone
Height: 1 ft (approx.)
Dimension(HWL): 12 x 5.5 x 6 inch
Position: Sitting

Some aspects:

  • It’s a bonny sculpture of a cute monkey holding a banana.
  • Made out of indestructible material like Sandstone, & becomes more beautiful with age.
  • The adorable monkey is sitting on a square plinth, with a cure smear smile peeping from his face making it bonnier.
The association of Banara with Lord Ram:
  • Banara Sena (Army of  monkeies) has made a prominent role rescue of Goddes Sita from the claws of Ravana.
  • They represent personalities like obedience, divinity, courage, and righteousness.
  • The well-known deity is known as the monkey God “Lord Hanuman”, known as the commander of the monkey army.
Let’s help you with all your decorating needs:
  • Wanted have a friend over for a cup of tea or coffee, then incorporate the adorable animal on the porch, patio, or on the outdoor breakfast table.
  • The bolder you go the bigger the smile when you see them, keep them at the entrance/front door, and ramp up the visualization from far.
  • Make an understated approach in your courtyard with the sculpt, wildlife garden, perennial garden, and shade garden, which will look cool.
  • Sat him on a lush lawn, garden, landscape with neatly trimmed hedges, making delusion of a forest.
  • make it the quickest way to stand out by surrounding it with some blueberry, raspberry, peaches, and figs.
  • Your tiny balcony and terrace garden will be perfectly guarded by the cute statue of a cat, pigeon, etc.
  • Make, it sits in a  breezy surrounding in an amusement park, a zoo where the excitement elevates among the kids.
  • The tiny water feature near the garden, or the pond on the lawn sounds whimsical.
The exploiting effects of keeping the adorable home garden sculpt:
  • A statue of Banara at home, promotes creativity, intelligence, and innovation.
  • Keeping it in the North, Southeast, or south zone will boost the career, wealth, and animals. and fame.
  • It also uplifts the energy of the surrounding where it is kept, as it is known as a very mischievous animal.
How to clean the adorable home garden monkey sculpture:
  • Sandstone is widely known as a durable and luxury material, that adds class to any place and injects life into the decoration.
  • Proper care of your favorite decorative stone will help to maintain its top-quality condition for a long time.
  • Here are some helpful tips for you that won’t take much of your time and effort. Just a time to time dusting is enough.
  • For the dusting of the decorative stone, you will need a dust brush or a cotton hand broom, Now with the help of those dusters, buff the statue surface all over.

Additional information

Height: 12in    Width: 5.5in    Length: 6in
Statue Type

Statue Position

Stone Type


You can use this statue for decoration or gifting purpose.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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Statue Height

9-12 inch

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