Sri Laxman – Paper Mache Mask

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Lakshmana was the manifestation of Sheshnag, the divine companion of Lord Vishnu. Apart from being a fierce warrior his devotion and love for his brother Rama was legendary. He is epitome of love, compassion, devotion, sacrifice, obedience and dedication. He was one of the biggest devotees of the Rama avatar of Lord Vishnu. He was married to Urmilla, the younger sister of goddess Sita. He sacrificed his love and kingdom for the sake of protecting lord Rama and goddess Sita when they set on an exile of 14 years. Here the lord is painted yellow with a crown embracing his head. His face covered with a faint pleasantness and a bright smile spread across his face. So bring this mache mask home to enhance the beauty of your wall with this exquisite artwork.

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