Vastu Ganesha granite stone sculpture 24 inch

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Vastu Ganesha granite stone sculpture 2 ft, is made from a single stone carving. The craftsman detailing the stone is beyond explanation. Without using any accessories and color the sculpture looks magnificent is the true brilliance of an artisan can do.
Material: Granite/Blackstone
Dimension:(HWL) :24 x 17 x 8 inch
Height: 2 ft
SittingThe Ganesha stone sculptures have a lot of meaning and symbol depicts its important feature. The eldest son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, leader of all ganas worshiped before the begging of new ventures. In this  Ganesha statue, he is sitting on a big lotus, accompanied by his mount mouse looking at his master with folded hands and submissive eyes.

There are many forms of Ganpati, from which Black Ganpati is the rarest one. Black Ganpati is referred to as “Achintya Ganpati” which depicts his great divine spirit. Thus its a reflection of his ability, predomination and sanctitude.

Ganesha is Achintya, Avyakta, and Ananta, which means he is beyond thought, beyond expression, and eternal.

The god is holding an elephant goad in the upper right arm to destroy any obstacles in his devotee’s path, the paasa or noose is to captures all the obstacles and hardships of the devotee and keeps him closer with the divinity. The ladoo is the reward of the man for his right and spiritual path. Finally blessing his followers with his varada mudra which depicts ” fear not, I am with you”.

If one wants to seek wisdom them lord Ganesha is beneficial to worship. he is the granter of good fortune and prosperity. One will attain all salvation and peace in his life. He is the supreme deity of Muladhara chakra, that chakra associate with stability, security, solidity. His followers were always protected from negative energies.  It will upscale your décor, suitable for different places. Make sure to keep a bright color in the background, which will amplify the decorative stone.

Placing: To encourage a positive vibe, keep your Vastu Ganesha idol facing the north direction. East and northwest are also favorable for placing the idol. Avoid placing him in the south direction it will invite inauspiciousness. The back of the Vastu Ganesh idol should be faced at the entrance.

Care:  Make use of cotton or fiber cloth for dusting.

Additional information

Height: 24in    Width: 17in    Length: 8in
Stone Type


This product can be placed in indoor, outdoor or garden.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

2 ft

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