Big Shiva Garden Statue 6 feet

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Big Shiva Garden Statue is especially eye-catching within modern interior decor themes. The rustic finishes ensure easy coordination.

Material: Sandstone Redstone
Dimensions(HWL): 72 x 36 x 20 inch
Statue Position: Sitting
Statue Height:  6 feet
A short explanation of the sitting Shiva Garden Statue: 

  • The statue represents here is the statue of Lord Shiva the “Adiyogi”.
  •  It is said that Shiva always contemplates Lord Vishnu.
  • Sitting in Lalitasana, with four hands, two at the back where he is seen holding his trident and Damru, and two in front posing Abhay and Vitarka Mudra.
  • The base he is sitting upon resembles Mount Kailasha beneath which a bull can be seen, his Vahana looking at him with a humble eye.
Lord Shiva: The desecrator
  • Lord Shiva is in the superconscious state (samadhi). An unmanifest form, that is in other words “The Supreme God”.
  • He is the third god in the Hindu Trinity.
  • Shiva refers to both “that which is not,” and Adiyogi because in many ways they are synonymous.
  •  Lord Shiva saved the world by consuming poison that arose from the ocean during the Churning of the milk ocean. This poison got stored in his throat thus making it blue which is the reason that Lord Shiva is also named Neelkanth (blue throat).
  • Chaturdashi Tithi Krishna Paksha in the month of Phalguna as per the North Indian Hindu calendar and Magha as per the South Indian Hindu calendar. Maha Shivratri is observed to honor him.
Placement tips for the sitting Lord Shiva’s idol:
  • First impressions matter. Exhibiting the entrance reflects who you are and how guests, passersby, and neighbors perceive your home and the welcome they will receive there.
  • Give the outside attention it deserves by exhibiting it in your garden, park, or lawn.
  • Add a couple of potted plants around the statue that can make a bold, cheerful statement.
  •  Placing it in the entryway of the park, lawn, or garden as a first impression can be a lasting impression.
  • Why not make yours a beautiful one at first knock by placing it on the bed of flowers of vibrant colors?
  • Surround the statue with tidy boxwood topiary in a charming container that can accent the sidewalk year-round.
  • Free-flowing, evergreen star jasmine vines plus fragrant, perennial lemon thyme are planted around the statue would give it a blooming look.
  • Create a beautiful outdoor embellishment with the Lord Shiva statue installed near a sprouting fountain, pool, or pond.
Bestows of Lord Shiva:
  • Lord Shiva grants his devotee a peaceful and harmonious life.
  • It is said that an individual gets a desiring partner by his grace.
  • Lord Shiva remove all sorts of troubles in your life.
Cleaning tip of the Shiva Garden Statue:
  • Every spic and span home statue decor requires deep cleaning every once in a while.
  • Begin cleaning by dousing it with a hose spray, once it gets wet rinse the surface using a cloth or a bristle brush in soapy water.
  •  After giving it a final bath, let it air dry.

Additional information

Weight950 kg
Height: 72in    Width: 36in    Length: 20in
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Statue Position

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This beautiful statue can be used in garden decoration, fountain decoration, swimming pool decoration, landscaping design, interior designing, outdoor or home decoration, This Statue can be used in temple or puja. You can also use it as outdoor statue.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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Statue Height

6ft +