Brass Bal Gopal Small Kanha Statue 2.5 inch

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    If you are looking for something tiny yet charming then CRAFTS ODISHA offers you a charming option to add to your collection of brass material, the statue of Bal Gopal small Kanha with an attractive sense of balance to any space. It’s a unique piece that is sure to lend a luxe touch to your décor theme.

    Material: Brass
    Dimension(W:H:L): 2.5x2x3 inch
    Position: Crawling

    The dazzling baby Krishna Brass Gods statues:

    • The brass statue of Bal Gopal is seen crawling in the above statue.
    • The cutesy baby Bal Gopal is seen holding Ladoo in both hands while crawling.
    • One of the major crafts from Odisha artifacts is the society which is involved in making brass sculpture known as “Kansari”. The brass has found a pride place in the lands of Odisha. 
     The lovable  baby Krishna: “The Butter Thief”
    • Bal Gopal is the infancy form of Lord Krishna. The eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
    • Right from his birth, he has shown signs of a divine being, widely known as his “Bal Leela”.
    • He is widely popular as Ladoo Gopal. Here the ladoo is a round ball of Butter, one of his favorite food.
    • He loves eating butter, since childhood. So he started stealing it from his own house as well as from the neighbors, which gave him the name of “butter thief” all around.
    • Gou” means “cow” and “pala” means the protector, which forms the word, Gopal. 
    Placement possibilities and merits of the fascinating Gods statues:
    • The idol is most effective on the Northeast corner of the house/office. Make sure that it faces east to west or vise versa while placing it.
    • Couples expecting a lovely child or any childless couple are believed to be blessed. 
    • Lord Krishna is the god of love and compassion, keeping an idol of it would boost the love and affection between the family and between the couple.
    • Keeping a Bal Gopal brass statue at home or office spreads positivity and spirituality around it.
    • The Temple of your home/office/institute is also a promising place to place the divine statue.
    • You can prefer to place him on the console, ascent, the showcase of your living room, and on the sideboard.
    • It is a charming gifting option for your loved ones on their special occasion.
    A tiny guide to care of the tiny Gods statues: 
    • Brass is a durable and strong material that does not get rust easily.
    • It has excellent corrosive resistance. But it needs a good deal of maintenance.
    • Wipe down the surface of the statue with a soft cloth over the surface of the Gods statues.
    • The cleaning should be followed every second day to get rid of the dirt.

    Additional information

    Height: 2.5in    Width: 2in    Length: 3in
    Statue Type



    Bring this statue of happiness and luck home, decorate it in your office for prosperity and good luck or gift them to your loved ones.


    Wipe it with soft cloth

    Statue Position

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    1-3 inch