Dark-Red tree Tasar Painting 21 x 40 in

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 Dark-Red tree Tasar Painting 21 x 40 inches. Pair with your favorite frame, for endless decor possibilities on the wall. A vignette statement piece with a balanced visual experience. 

Material: Tasar fabric
Dimension(W: H:L): 39.5: 21 inches

Patta means canvas, Chitra means picture. Pattachitra art is the most popular ancient art form of Odisha. It portrays simple themes through creative motives and unique designs. The themes are based generally on mythology, folk tales, nature, animals, and flowers. The rich color and display of art touch human emotion directly. 

The colors used in the painting are purely made from natural ingredients. The white color extract from seashells was powdered soaked to make the white paste. The color green is made from the green leaf and green stones. Red is made from a local stone called Hingula. Another stone named Khandaneela was used to extract the color blue. The yellow is made from, stone named Hartal. Black is extracted by burnt coconut shell. These five colors are also called Pancha Tatwa. Every color has  its own significance, as the white illustrates Laughter (Hasya), Red stands furious, astonishment in yellow, 
The hair of the mouse and Buffalo used to make brushes and tied to the end of a bamboo stick. The floral border makes the art astonishingly beautiful. 

The tree symbolizes stability (the deep-rooted) and growth(the upward branches).  A tree grows in the harshest condition, flood, heat, cold but withstanding in every condition likewise a human in a cycle of life faces many difficult situation but should stand with adapting challenges. Trees represent duality between life and death, like it, losses leaves in a season and blossoms new fresh leaves in another new season, human also faces darkness and light, birth and death in their life cycle. ita a symbol of growth and development I, likewise human too learn to grow and develop knowledge with experience. 

Hangover the wall of the bed, dresser, hallway, office. Make a twin or triplet of the same art on the wall for stylish ambient. 
Something with a more casual look rooted to traditional.

Care: Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface, to keep it dust-free.

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Height: 39.5in    Width: 21in    Length: in


Without Frame

Art Form


Wipe it with soft cloth