Black leaves tree Tasar Painting 21 x 40 in

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Black leaves tree Tasar Painting 21 x 40 inch. An eco-friendly painting to amplify your wall anywhere in your home/office.Timeless beauty showcasing nature to be paired with your desired frame. 

Material: Tassar silk
Dimension(W: H:L):39.5: 21 

Chitra was painted on Patta, known as  Pattachitra, as a religious offering to temples. These paintings showed mythological stories and life events of gods and goddesses. It also contained themes like nature, flowers, and animals.

The colors used in the painting are purely made from natural ingredients. The white color extract from seashells which were powdered and then soaked to make the white paste. The color green is made from the green leaf and green stones. Red is made from a local stone called Hingula. Another stone named Khandaneela was used to extract the color blue. The yellow is made from, stone named Hartal. Black is extracted by burnt coconut shell. These five colors are also called Pancha Tatwa. Every color has its significance, as the white illustrates Laughter (Hasya), Red stands furious, astonishment in yellow, The hair of the mouse and Buffalo used to make brushes and tied to the end of a bamboo stick. The floral border makes the art astonishingly beautiful. 

Every picture has some signs of spirituality or religion. Above black leave tree painting, has many features from its root to branches, convey some important message for mankind. The root symbolizes stability, the branches symbolize growth.
The tree also symbolizes fertility, from its seed to sapling always finds a way to keep growing like a person’s ability to live, grow and develop. Trees lose their leaves in winter and appeared new fresh leaves when spring approaches. Likewise, a human faces new begins, fresh starts, and death. 

One can get a calming and relaxing feel from the tree. You can decor your wall with a single piece or make a set of three paintings to display over the bed or dresser or wall of your desired option. You can play with different arrangements for the decor in ziczac.

Care: Use cotton cloth t for dusting. 

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Height: 39.5in    Width: 21in    Length: in


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