Ganesh Statue for Home Unique Style 2.5 feet

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The Ganesh Statue for Home Unique Style coordinates so easily with contemporary themes, a bright addition for a subtler look with flexible placement possibilities.

Material: Soapstone Pinkstone
Dimension(HWL):  24 inch
Position: Sitting
Height: 2 feet

Depiction of the Ganpati statue:

  • It is a Dakhinamukhi form of Lord Ganesha, made from Pinkstone.
  • In this statue, he is seen sitting over a gorgeous plinth, the posture is known as Siddhivinayak Ganesha.
  • In this form, he has four arms carrying a goad, Modak, a noose, and his broken tusk. A mouse is seen beneath his feet looking humbly at his master.
  • Various carvings of gods and goddesses can be seen surrounding the Torana-style Mandapa where Ganesha sits.
  • Stone engraving is an ancient practice of Odisha, giving a single stone to many life-like and life-less looks from competent crafters with their skilled hands.
The god of the start:
  • Lord Ganesha is the beloved son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.
  • “Gana” means attendant of Lord Shiva, and” Pati” means lord, so  Ganpati means Lord of all Ganas worshiped before any auspicious work.
  • Goddess Parvati made a sculpture from the turmeric from her body while cleaning and made him watch at the door until she finishes her bath.
  • Meanwhile, Lord Shiva came back only to find an unknown boy banning his entry to his dome which made him furious, and in his anger, he decapitated the boy’s head with his trident.
  • When Goddess Parvati came to know that Lord Shiva had beheaded Lord Ganesha, she immediately clarify to Lord Shiva all the incidents in his absence which made him admit his mistake. Lord Shiva then put an elephant’s head on Ganesha’s torso and gave him a new life.
  • His birth anniversary is celebrated in the month of Bhadraba Shukla paksha Chaturthi as Ganesh or Vinayak Chaturthi every year.
The art of displaying the sculpture :
  • The Ganpati sculpture would look good at home on your patio or living.
  • This extravagant piece would be perfect for use as a centerpiece.
  • Liven up any space with this Ganesha statue.
  • A super easy way to exhibit at an empty corner with an iron stool or pedestal.
  • The statue enriches the space surrounding them in different ways like in the lobby or hallway of a hotel, resturant, or office.
  • The statue is used for worshipping like at the altar, home temple, etc.
  • The Ganesha statue is a stunning decor that elevates the entrance and foyer.
  • Give your home a new life by embellishing it with the Ganesha sculpture.
  • There are endless innovative ways to repurpose the statue, so use your creativity and give it a reality.
Grace from the Ganapathi Statue:
  • Vighnaharta means remover of obstacles.
  • You will earn a tremendous amount of wisdom and brilliance.
  • Lord Ganesha suffices the life of his devotee with prosperity and fortune.
Best way to clean Ganesh Statue for Home:
  • For dusting, use a brush or cloth to caress the statue. Use the brush to reach the crevices of the beautiful sculpture.
  • Dusting the stone statue from time to time is enough to keep your lovely piece looking great for years.

Additional information

Height: 30in    Width: 20in    Length: 9in
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Bring this Ganesha home or decorate your office or gift them to your beloved ones.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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2 ft