Granite Stone Siddhi Ganesha Statue 20 inch

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    Give your outdoor a majestic charm with an excellent range of stone statues from CRAFTS ODISHA. The 20 inch granite Siddhi Ganesha brings a distinct look to the whole place.

    Material: Blackstone / Granite Stone
    20 x 13 x 6 inch
    20 inch

    Illustration of the Ganesha God Murti:

    • The above statue described here is about the elephant-headed right trunk god the “Siddhi Ganesha”.
    • Displayed as sitting over a lotus bottom, holding a noose, a goad, and a sweet ball while motioning to Abhay Mudra with his four hands.
    •  Stone Carving is a truly genuine art form that dates back thousands of years. A long-lasting and low-maintenance decoration item handcrafted from Odisha.
    • Always have high-in-demand items both in local as well as global markets due to the sophistication it provides to the space it is used for.
    Essential of the Siddhi Ganesha statue:
    • The right trunk of Ganesha is named Siddhi Ganesha, Siddhi, who sits on his right, represents higher spiritual potencies as well as intelligence.
    • It is the completed form of Lord Ganesha, where He is in a casual form as he masters intellect.
    • Lord Ganesha is said to be the Lord of knowledge and wisdom.
    • He is the elephant-headed Hindu god of starts, traditionally revered before any auspicious starts, and the patron of intellectuals, elephant-headed Hindu god beginnings, traditionally worshipped before any major enterprise.
    • Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival that marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha, celebrated in the Hindu calendar month of Bhadrapada, starting on the Shukla Chaturthi (fourth day of the waxing moon).
    Make your home luxury with the  Dakshina Varti Ganesha statue:
    • Take advantage of your herbage of porch and balcony to place the consecrated idol.
    •  Feel more peaceful, jovial, and interconnected by exhibiting the Ganesha god statue in your living room where you spend your highest time with family and friends.
    • Use these on the front verandah or terrace to decorate this sculpture to transform your outdoor space into an aesthetic one.
    •  A simple method to obtain some elevated-quality decors is by displaying them on a console in the entranceway or foyer.
    • quintessential for the fountain, garden, balcony, or poolside decor.
    • Place him at the entrance of any restaurant, resort, or hotel porch for a more elegant approaching look.
    Blessings of Siddhi Ganesha statue:
    • Ganesha God bless his worshipper with complete peace and absolute happiness.
    • Strengthening the planet Mercury on your birth chart gives good results.
    • Worshipping Ganesha removes obstructions in education.
    Cleaning granite statue at home:
    •  To start cleaning always moisten the statue well with water,  removed gently the dust and debris with a microfiber cloth.
    • Always start with the softest brush possible, essential to use plenty of clean water, and to keep the brush and stone wet at all times.
    •  Wipe the marble surface down with this sudsy cloth and follow instantly with a rinse and a dry.

    Additional information

    Height: 20in    Width: 13in    Length: 6in
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    Bring this statue of happiness and luck home, decorate it in your office for prosperity and good luck or gift them to your loved ones.

    Statue Care

    Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

    Packing & Delivery

    Aprox. Time for Packing & Despatch : 3 to 4 days, Aprox Time of Delivery: 6-10 days

    Statue Height

    20 inch