Krishna Balram Mathura Gaman Pattachitra Painting

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Krishna Balram Mathura Gaman Pattachitra Painting

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Material: Pattachitra Art
Dimension(W:H:L): 13:14
Weight: 0.04 kg

Description: Krishna Balram Mathura Gaman Pattachitra Painting. Stylish ambient picture to embellish the wall prominently. 

The traditional Pattachitra art is said to be one of the oldest art originated from the state Odisha. Patta men’s cloth, Chitra means picture. carries various descriptions about mythology, religious events, and tales with motifs, design, and dye natural colors. 

The colors used in the painting are made from natural ingredients. The white color extract from seashells was powdered soaked to make the white paste. Green is made from the green leaf and green stones. Red is made from a local stone called Hingula. Khandaneela stone was used to extract the color blue. The yellow is made from, stone named Hartal. Black is extracted by burnt coconut shell. These five colors are also called Pancha Tatwa.120 other colors are made by using these five main colors.

Kansa a ruthless king of Mathura, imprisoned his sister and brother-in-law when he awarded that the eighth child of them would be the reason o his quietus. He killed all the seven infants right after their birth but fate changed when the eighth child Lord Krishna born, that night a divine voice-guided Vasudev (father of Lord Krishna) on the route to Gokul the palace of king Nanda. All gates of the prison opened miraculously, all guards fall asleep, he crossed the holy river the Yamuna, which split its path to Vasudev to walk through, with a heavy storm approaching, protected by a seven head snake with his hood on Vasudeva carrying the infant on a rattan basket on his head. He exchanged Lord Krishna with the daughter of Nanda and Yashoda born on the same night and get back to the prison. 

Lord Krishna was brought up in Gokul with his elder brother Balaram, who also an offering of  Rohini and Vasudeva. From childhood both the brothers accompanied each other in every stage of their life. With his preternatural, and mischievous acts Lord Krishna was the apple of the eyes of people in Gokul. When Krishna’s deeds spread far, and Kansa heard about the miraculous child he was sure that it was the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva he planned to kill him. He sent an old minister named Ankura to Gokul to invite Krishna to Mathura. Krishna along with Balarama left for Gokul. They killed many warriors and Kansa and freed the citizen and his parents from the cruelty of Kansa. 

The above painting illustrates the event of both the brothers going Mathura with Ankura. The painting is so eye-catching with the use of vivid colors. The powerful and beautiful picture looks adorable on the wall of the office or home, where ever you want to display it.

Lord Krishna is known to be the savior, and also helpful from the ill effects of planet Ketu. Also, satisfy various other desires of personal and professional life. 

Care: For dusting use a soft cloth or brush. 

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Weight0.04 kg
Height: 13in    Width: 14in    Length: in


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Bind the art in a frame and hang on your office or home wall.

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