Lord Krishna Story Pattachitra Painting

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Description: Lord Krishna Story Pattachitra Painting. The symbol of immortal love brings a divine touch to your wall and peaks a thousand words through the art.

Material: Canvas
Dimension(HW): 25×40 inch
Weight: 0.2 kg

Famous for an age-old tradition of painting, the land of Odisha. Pattchitra is the oldest form of fascinating artwork which depicts Hindu folk tales and mythological stories. Patta means cloth or canvas, Chitra means Picture, hence, Pattachitra is a picture painted on a piece of cloth.

The Pattachitra here depicts the story of Lord Krishna, from his born on a moonless night while heavy Strome was approaching, guided by a divine voice his father Vasudev carried the infant on a rattan basket over his head, across the river Yamuna to the house of Nanda in Gokula protected from rains by the hood of a seven-headed serpent. At reaching Nanda’s place he placed the child near Yashoda and carried their newborn girl back to his prison. The painting also illustrates his Leela in Gokul, with Gopala’s and Gopi’s. The Raas was with the Gopi’s revolved around Krishna, as he played his flute near the banks of Yamuna. Depicts the legendary love for Radhe Krishna, meeting his childhood friend Sudama, killing Naraksura and Putana, laddu Gopal, lifting Gowardhan mountain, and his Vishwa Roopa. The painting has covered almost all the life of Lord Krishna, in juxtaposition.

The center of the painting shows the soul seeking divine love of Shri Krishna with Radha, alongside the painting portrays  The Dasaavatara of Lord Vishnu, These are Matsya (Satya Yuga), Kurma(Satya Yuga), Varaha(Satya Yuga), Narsimha(Satya Yuga), Vamana(Treta Yuga), Parshurama(Treta Yuga), Rama(Treta Yuga), Balarama(Dwapara Yuga), Krishna(Dwapara Yuga), and Kalki(Kali Yuga).

The superb craftsmanship makes the piece a distinct one. The painting can be perfectly displayed on any wall, for its visual interest. Rich blue, mustard, and white hues finished with a traditional flower border give a little extra feature.

Care: Wipe the canvas with a soft cloth or brush. 

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Weight0.2 kg
Height: 25in    Width: 40in    Length: in
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Without Frame


Bind the art in a frame and hang it on office or home wall.


Wipe it with soft cloth