Monochrome Mahishasur Badhan Tasar Painting

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    Description: Monochrome Mahishasur Badhan Tasar Painting. Make a decorative statement, with a soothing black and a greater visual of interest.

    Material: Tassar fabric
    Dimension(HW): 41×29 inch
    Weight: 0.2 kg

    The most famous ancient art of Odisha, Pattachitra. Based on Hindu mythology. The above painting showcases the Vadha of Mahisasura by Devi Durga. The goddess of strength.

    There is one demon king named Mahisasura, who wants to be powerful in all the Loka (Treelok). To please Lord Bramha he practiced strict penance to which Lord Bramha appeared and agreed to grant him a wish, the demon king ask for immortal. Lord Bramha disagree to grant him the boon as all that is born is subject to death, so the demon king asked him to grant him a blessing that no man or animal could kill him on the earth, thus Lord Bramha agreed and blessed him before disappearing. With getting the power he started a rampage over the Treelok, Indralok, and tried to capture along with his army to which all Devata went to Lord Bishnu for help, realizing the situation Lord Bishnu decided to create a female Goddess, so Lord Bishnu along with Lord Shiva and Bramha created Goddess Durga, by combining all powers. Goddess Durga killed The Mahisasura on the tenth day which was celebrated as Vijayadashami. All the gods praised her and named her Mahisasura Mardini(the one who killed Mahisasura).

    She is also known as “Shakti” which means power. With her ten arms, she is seen holding different weapons, which are said to protect her devotees from evil forces.

    Sword in the upper right hand represents we should discriminate against evil qualities. Trident in her right upper second arm depicts courage to eliminate the evil qualities. Chakra in right third hand represents Dharma, we must do our responsibility and duty. Lotus in the fourth lower right hand depicts detachment as a lotus do even after growing in dirty water it produces beauty. arrow in the fifth lower right hand depicts kinetic energy. The serpent in the upper left-hand represents the beauty of destructive times. Conch in the upper left second hand represents happiness like we should do our duty in cheerful ways. The club in the third left hand depicts devotion and surrender like Lord Hanuman. Bow in the third lower left hand represents potential energy. In the fifth lower hand she crushes down the demon, representing the whipper of evil. She is always seen riding on a tiger or a lion which represents uncontrolled bestial propensity that needs to be under control.

    The Moxie of Goddess Durga is highlighted in the painting. She is known for the protection and safeguard of her devotee. An embodiment of truth, power, courage, and self-realization. So hang the painting on your wall of this  Roopa of Goddess that will showcase the feminine power of good over evil.

    Care: Wipe the canvas with a soft cloth.

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    Weight0.2 kg
    Height: 41in    Width: 29in    Length: in
    Art Form



    Without Frame


    Bind the art in a frame and hang it on office or home wall.


    Wipe it with soft cloth