Tasar painting unique dancing Ganesha 14 inch

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Material: Tasar
Dimension(W:H:L): 14:9.8

Description: Tasar painting unique dancing Ganesha 14 inch. The picture adds a whisper of color, allowing it to touch a simplicity and calming look on your desired wall. 

The process involves preparing the canvas, by coating the cloth with stone powder and gum made out of tamarind seeds. Making it ready to receive the paint.  It is a tradition for ages to complete the border first. The acquirement of colors and materials are purely natural. Five colors white, red, yellow, green, black, are used to color the painting. The white color gets by soaking, drying, and churning seashell, The red obtained from a stone named  Hingula, a local stone Haritlal used to derive the color yellow, Green is extracted from leaves and green stones, and black is obtained from lamp soot, or either from burning coconut shell.120 more colors are used by mixing of the five mentioned color. The hair of, mouse, buffalo, and Keya roots are used to make the brush.  Tied it to a bamboo stick for the brush handle. After completion of the painting, the canvas is carried over a charcoal fire and lacquer is applied to the surface. 

Nritya Ganpati or Dancing Ganesha is a representation of an amusing and happy form of the Ganesha god. One foot in the ground the other slightly raised during the dance. Nritya Ganpati is also shown as a form of dilettante of fine arts. He bestows devotees with art and dexterity. The dancing Ganesha demonstrates cosmic changes and creation. He is a symbol of endurance against ill-fortune. The art is inherited by him from his parents as we all know Lord Shiva dance Tandava and Goddess Parvati dances to lasya, combining them wonderfully. Ganesha has been appointed as the chief by Lord shiva.” Gana” means people,  “Isha” means lord when we combined them together,  they stand for Ganesha or Ganpati both refer to the chief of people. The five organs of environmental stimuli and five organs of action are the “Ganas” ( desire, thoughts, instinct)  to which the mind is the master. The ten senses (mind and intellect)constitute the ganas.

The mouse is a symbol of inner desires, which are never satisfied, Lord Ganesha controls the mouse which means a sensible person should have control open his senses and desire which will not lead him to destroy the good in him.

Ganesha is widely used as a gifting option on many auspicious occasions, so this time don’t forget to gift your dear one with this painting as a unique way of wishing them good fortune instead of any common Lord statue or idol.

Care: Use a soft cloth to wipe down the surface of the picture. 

Additional information

Height: 14in    Width: 9.8in    Length: in


Bind the art in a frame and hang on your office or home wall.


Simply dust this item with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating. Keep this away from heavy water.