Odisha khondalite Stone Big Polished Sitting Buddha Statue for Outdoor

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Odisha khondalite Stone Big Polished Sitting Buddha Statue for Outdoor is a beautiful showpiece of an earthy color statue. A touch of spirituality to your home decor.
Material: Sandstone/Khondalite stone
Height: 8 ft
Dimension(HWL): 96 x 63 x 30 inch
Position: Sitting

Buddha ” Awakened one” The founder of Buddhism.  He refers to himself as “Tathagata” which means ” the one who has thus come/gone”. The monk who left the royal life in the search of enlightenment, attain it and preached it with his followers, the state beyond birth and death.Every statue of his delivers some meaning.  Every posture has a specific hand gesture called “Mudra”. Here the statue depicts as ” Calling the earth to witness” or Earth touching Buddha”. Both of his legs crossed, soles of both feet turned upward, eyes partially open, the left hand is resting downward in the lap, while the right hand pointing to the ground with the palm facing inward towards himself.  The story of calling the earth to witness fold up when on the verge of enlightenment,  ” Mara ” the demon of pretense tried to deter him, from the culmination. But Buddha meditate all night long to get over the dread and decoy sent by Mara and called the earth goddess to witness. Witnessing Buddha achieved enlightenment and share with the rest of the world,  the earth goddess wrung her hair and released floodwaters that swept away the demon and all the decoys he has released.

The fundamental teaching is the four noble truths. First is “DUKHA”, the second is “DUKHA HAS A CAUSE”, the third is “WE CAN KNOW THE CAUSE OF DUKHA”. and last is ” WISDOM OF ENLIGHTENMENT”. His teaching is universal apart from any religion, culture, and country you were born in. Buddhism is also known as the science of the mind so, a person can achieve an inner peace of mind by practicing.

A healthy state of mind is linked to our inner peace so keeping a buddha statue will strengthen mental health and peace.
The sitting Buddha outdoor statue enhances the positive and harmonious vibe in the surrounding. The earthy color Buddha statue perfectly blends with mother nature and amplifies the natural spirit of your outdoor decoration.

Placing: If you are choosing the statue for your outdoor garden, place it facing your house, the same applies if you are placing it at any entrance/porch. You can add water features, bubbling fountains, lightning around the statue,  etc.

Care:  You can bathe the statue, as well as you can, wipe it with a cloth or a broom.

Additional information

Height: 96in    Width: 42in    Length: 30in
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This beautiful statue can be used in garden decoration, fountain decoration, swimming pool decoration, landscaping design, interior designing, outdoor or home decoration

Statue Care

Clean With Water, Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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6ft +