Padma Besha of Lord Jagannath Tasar Painting

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    Padma Besha of Lord Jagannath Tasar Painting. Energetic colors with the striking appearance of Lord Jagannatha compliment the artwork of the artisan.

    Material: Tasar silk fabric
    Dimension(HW): 20x 30 inch
    Weight: 0.1 kg

    The incredible Odisha, Land of the fourth Dhaam. Where the world-famous Lord Jagannath temple is situated. Also the land of diverse, vibrant handicrafts and its cultural heritage. Pattachitra is one of the oldest artwork and rooted in faith with Hindu god and goddess and their mythological and folk stories depicted in the canvas with natural colors.

    Padma Bhesa of Lord Jagannatha was observed on the new moon day of Magha and Basanta Panchami. Is the day which goddess Saraswati the provider of education is worshiped. The Padma means The lotus and the flower that appeared from this month onward. The dress material of this Besha is made out of the Lotus flower, (it is specifically provided by the Badachhata matha of puri ). There is a story behind this Besha, long ago there is a devotee named Manohar das who was willing to offer Lotus flower, so when he started his journey to the trinity he collect many lotus flowers and tied in his Gamucha (towel), When he opened the towel after reaching the temple he found out some flowers have dried up and some got rotten. Seeing this the Sevaka of the temple thrashed him for offering rotten flowers to the god. Later the King Gajapati of Puri saw a dream where Lord Jagannath asked him to call Manohar das and offer those flowers to him. To which Manohar das was taken back to the deity offered that lotus from his towel to Lord, and to his surprise, the flowers became fresh again added with fragrance.

    To remind his bhakti bhava (devotion), the lords are embellished by Padma Besha. Deities are decorated with Mukhapadma, Kundala, Tahia, Chita, Kundala, Swans, Chakra, Sankha are prepared from thermocol. A special pudding called Padma Khiri is offered on this day with a special type of rice called Padmakeshari.

    The painting serves the saintliness and piety of the viewer. As well as decore the wall with the touch of godliness. You can hang it in any room, gallery, study, library, office, etc.

    Care: Wiping with a cloth is enough. 

    Additional information

    Weight0.1 kg
    Height: 20in    Width: 30in    Length: in
    Art Form



    Without Frame


    Bind the art in a frame and hang it on office or home wall.


    Wipe it with soft cloth