Rough Weathered Black Polished Greenstone Hanuman Statue 7 in

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    A creatively scriptural way to add some rough weathered accent piece that would fit well in any interior style. The black stone Hanuman statue is a wonderfully unique option to complete your decor without breaking your budget.

    Material: Green stone
    Dimension(HWL):  7 x 3.5 x 2 inch
    Height: 7 inch
    Position: Sitting

    A glance at the one-off home decor:
    • The inimitable statue is seen sitting on a lotus plinth, a chhatri over his head.
    •  Holding Vedas in both hands in Padmasana Mudra.
    • The unequaled effigy was the creation of the sure-handed artisan of Odisha.
    Hanuman: The biggest devotee of Lord Rama
    • Believed to be an 11th Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva. Immensely courageous and powerful.
    • In Sanskrit Hanuman means “Disfigured jaw”, which he broke after falling into the ground by the Vajra of Lord Indra while attempting to grab Sun mistaking it as a fruit.
    • Lord Hanuman is always seen below the feet of Lord Rama in almost every shrine of Lord Rama.
    • Once every year on Chaitra Purnima, Hanuman Jayanti is observed and celebrated.
    Some approaches to superpose the special home decor  :
    • Taking into account the “Vaastu” statue of Lord Hanuman should be placed in the South zone.
    • You can make worship the idol in the temple of your home or office.
    • It will fancify your living room and office by putting it on the sideboard, console, glass cabin, and bookshelf.
    • You can also place it on the study/reception desk of your office.
    • A sainted gift to present someone at their special event.
    Apart from an element of decor, it has a significant stroke of luck:
    • It eradicates Vaastu effects and negative energy from its surrounding by transmitting positive energy into the house.
    • Lord Hanuman protects one from the ill-energy of planet Saturn.
    • It helps you to enjoy material desire and increases familiar peace.
    Ways to clean the auspicious stone sculptures:
    • Greenstone is alluring to display the art of sculpture.
    • Hold a piece of cloth and run through the surface gently.
    • Repeat the procedure now and then to keep the dirt away from the stone sculptures

    Additional information

    Height: 7in    Width: 3.5in    Length: 2in
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    Bring this statue of happiness and luck home, decorate it in your office for prosperity and good luck or gift them to your loved ones.

    Statue Care

    Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

    Packing & Delivery

    Aprox. Time for Packing & Despatch : 3 to 4 days, Aprox Time of Delivery: 6-10 days

    Statue Height

    6-8 inch