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Buddha statues represent the life and teachings of everyday life. Each one imparts a different message. Even the most minimalistic statue can be filled with boundless meaning like this Budha head sculpture.

Material: Sandstone / Redstone
Dimension(HWL): 12 x 7.5 x 7 inch
Height: 1 ft

Features of the Buddha head sculpture:

  • He was caped of 108 snails, who had given their lives to make a safe focus free environment so that Buddha reach the path to enlightenment.
  • His elongated ears remind us that once he was a prince who wears heavy jewelry but gave up all on divinity and mankind.
  • His smiling lips depict that despite all suffering, he has higher wisdom and understanding of the universe. 
  • The circular dot on his forehead resembles the third eye, he can see beyond the physical and materialistic arena.
Gautama Buddha:
  • Buddha the name means “the awakened one”.
  • The founder of Buddhism. Born and named, Sidhartha, the prince of the Shakya tribe.
  • He was raised and brought up with all wealth and opulence.
  • At the age of twenty-nine, an incident changed his life. One day on his way to Kapila Vastu he saw an old person, a sick man, and a corpse.
  • It makes him disturb by the harsh truth, that every human on earth is subject to the destiny of getting old, sick, and dead, and no luxury or pleasure will protect him from getting the dukkha.
  • He also saw a monk who is walking with peace and serenity on his face. All these made him down the material bliss of the royal life and he went on a spiritual search of finding the solution to the sorrow.
Spread the aura of decorative peace:
  • Display this decoration in any room where blue, green, or gold is welcome, and you will have an instant reminder to achieve balance with nature.
  • For a maximalist effect, pair it with colorful decor like crystals. To use as the focal point, display with decor dominated by neutrals.
  • A statue that represents spiritual awakening is a great addition to any space that follows the principles laid out by feng shui. Place it next to your home’s entrance to bring mindfulness wherever your life takes you. When located next to a plant as seen in this example, the statuette could represent the balance found in nature.
  • The distressed finished finish gives this resin sculpture timeless integrity that can grace a wide variety of home decor styles.
  •  It is the perfect size to meditate on your desk at work.
  • This small concrete statue is the perfect size to add international sophistication and joyful tranquility to the plants in your life. In this dream-like position, this statue will add a sense of calming whimsy to any decor.
  • this statue will look fantastic with silk plants as well. For a zen like ambiance, pair with a bonsai or even polished stones.
Some advantages of keeping the Buddha’s head:
  • One of the major reasons is that these idols are said to radiate the energy of peace and calmness around you.
  • Buddha idols do not possess just religious significance. They radiate an aura of peace and calmness and also make a great decorative item.
  • Something in your house that spreads positivity while also adding to the beauty of your place.
Cleaning and maintaining the head statue:
  • As one of the most recognizable stones on earth, appealing to the eye as the classic look of sandstone. 
  • Whether being used in the garden sculpture, sandstone is bound to add an instant touch of class to any area in or around your property and is relatively easy to take care of.
  • Simply just by treating them to a simple clean regularly.
  • Dust particles and dirt lift away from them with a broom, then mop or gently or use a damp quality cloth to give them a good scrub. 

Additional information

Height: 12in    Width: 7.5in    Length: 7in
Stone Type


Bring this charm of happiness and luck home, decorate it in your office for prosperity and good luck or gift them to your loved ones.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

9-12 inch

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