Sandstone Laughing Buddha Statue for Money – Home and Garden

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    Sandstone Laughing Buddha Statue for Money – Home and Garden, is a  symbol of copiousness, indulgence, and good fortune.  The showpiece is able to foreground the beauty of your personal space.
    Material:  Sandstone/Redstone
    Height: 2 ft
    Dimension(HWL): 24 x 16 x 12 inch
    Position: Sitting

    Called “Budai” in Chinese. The Chinese zen monk, considered to be a man of good and loving character. A sitting posture of Buddha is assessed to be the stability of thoughts and quietude.  The Chinese monk is usually depicted as a roly-poly, bald-headed, laughing with a rotund stomach. He holds a lot of significance with his posture in our life. The idol has been seen in a meditation pose, has both the palms on his lap holding balls of wealth, half-closed eyes,s and smiling. The monk with balls represents the practice of meditation. The ball is considered to be the ball of wealth. The smiling Buddhas holding balls in both hands illustrate affluence and clover. It s believed that by consuming all the negative energy he develops the potbelly.In India, he resembles Kubera, the deity of prosperity. The statue is said to bring fulfillment and calmness to the environment where it is placed.  Not only brings a stick of luck but also strengthens and mends all the sectors of your life in a positive way. The stone or brown paint laughing buddha statue associate with the earth factor. Earth represents steadiness, subsistence, and grounding.  Rubbing his belly is believed to bring more prosperity in life.

    Placing: To bring harmony and happiness, place him in the east direction of your desired place. Placing him in the southeast was believed to increase in wealth. For gaining wisdom place him in the northeast. If you are willing to keep him at any entrance then make his face inside the main door.  The garden is also a part of your home and connected to nature, so keeping him in the garden area will energize the spirit of nature as well as welcomes joy and laughter in your home and life.

    Care: Th statue has fine polishing, dusting with a cloth or broom is sufficient to maintain the glossiness of the sculpture.

    Additional information

    Height: 24in    Width: 16in    Length: 12in
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    This beautiful statue can be used in garden decoration, fountain decoration, swimming pool decoration, landscaping design, interior designing, outdoor or home decoration

    Statue Care

    Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

    Packing & Delivery

    Aprox. Time for Packing & Despatch : 3 to 4 days, Aprox Time of Delivery: 6-10 days

    Statue Height

    2 ft