Soapstone Chakra Style Lakshmi Narasimha Statue 4 in

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A tiny-winy sculptural option that will help you to make your living room décor a focal point. The vintage Chakra style Laxmi Narasimha statue 4 inch from CRAFTS ODISHA to add your interior design.

Material: Pink Soapstone
Dimension(HWL): 3.9 x 2.7 x 1.1 inch
Position: Sitting statue

Statue of Lakshmi Narasimha:

  • The statue is sitting on a layered lotus structure, and Goddess Laxmi is seen sitting on his lap.
  • The statue is finished with a gleaming effect.
  • With a human physique and lion head, the deity is seen holding a coach and Chakra in upper hands. The lower two were gesturing Varada mudra and Abhay mudra.
  • The sculpt is made by the magnificent artificer of Odisha, where stone carving is globally popular for its intricate carving.
Regarding Lord Narsimha: 
  • Lord Vishnu has incarnated himself from time to time on earth, and Laxmi Narsimha is the fourth incarnation on the earth.
  • Laxmi Nrusingha’s avatar represents Lord Jagannatha. In this form, he is seen seated calmly with his consort Goddess Laxmi.
  • This Avatar has been taken in Satya Yuga. To destroy evil, protect people from cruelty, and establish Dharma.
  • Narasimha Chaturdasi is celebrated on every Vaisakha Chaturdashi (14th day) of the Shukla Paksha.
Suggestion and directions for placing the stone sculptures:
  • The north and northeast corner of the home or office is the permissible zone to place the divine idol, make sure to face him to the east while placing.
  • The statue will perfectly fit in your tiny space of decors like the cabin, showcase, the cupboard of the living room, and office.
  • Place it on your temple of home and office for Puja.
  • You can set it on the dashboard of your car.
  • An ideal present to please your dear one on their special occasion.
Variety of benefits one will get by keeping the stone sculptures:
  • Lord Lakshmi Narasimha provides forgiveness from sins and the cure of acute diseases.
  • Protects one from negative impacts from planets, and evil forces.
  • Lord Lakshmi Narasimha bestows the devotee with wealth, success, longevity, and the path to liberation.
How to clean the decorative stone:
  • The elegant decorative stone is made from Pink stone.
  • Pink soapstone is popular for its non-porous nature and durability.
  • Clean off the statue using a piece of cloth over the surface.
  • Keep dusting it periodically, to keep the glaze and ward-off dirt from accumulating.

Additional information

Height: 3.9in    Width: 2.7in    Length: 1.1in
Stone Type


Bring this statue of happiness and luck home, decorate it in your office for prosperity and good luck or gift them to your loved ones.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

3-5 inch