Stylish Ganpati Idol for Home Green Stone

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Stylish Ganpati Idol for Home Green Stone designs is among the most widely available making them a good choice for those who want to add a soothing and tranquil environment outdoors.

Material: Greenstone sculpture
Dimension(HWL): 36 inch
Position: Standing
Height: 3 feet

Characterization of the Ganesha Murti sitting statue:

  • The statue displayed here is the statue of Lord Ganesha.
  •  In this statue, he is seen sitting on a Simhasana in Lalitasana pose, beneath his feet his Vahana mouse is seen with humble eyes and folded hands looking at his master submissively.
  • Seen with four arms where he is holding a goad, a pot full of sweets, a noose, and a broken tusk.
Lord Ganpati:
  • “Gana” stands for common people, and “Isha” means head, thus “Ganesha” means the head of common people.
  • Lord Ganesha is always honored first before the beginning of any auspicious pooja or ritual or any new venture.
  • He rides a mouse as his Vahana.
  • His birthday falls on the month of Bhadrava Shukla paksha Chaturthi known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Ganesh Chaturthi.
Placement advice:
  • Use the sculpture in an archway or arbor, which will enrich the magnificence of the garden a lot more.
  • Establishing a lantern or lamppost near the statue would make it glow even after dark.
  • Tempt the lookout of the onlooker by displaying the home garden statue near any water feature, the trickling sound of water becomes enchanting.
  • Surround the home garden sculpture with honeysuckle, jasmine,  Cestrumeetc, etc, these are some fragrant that not only add pictorial smoothness to the eye but create a wonderful aroma in the atmosphere.
  • Enjoy the peacefulness of a large garden, or park, by placing the statue amid a spouting fountain.
  • Entries of colleges, institutions, and schools are some bewitching options to exhibit the statue.
  • The lobby of the hotel, resort, or resturant can be nicely embellished with the garden statue.
Lord Ganesha and his godsend:
  • Lord Ganesha is the remover of all kinds of obstacles.
  • Students widely worship him to outperform in their academics.
  • Attain success and fortune in your life with the divine grace of Lord Ganesha.
How to clean the Ganpati Idol for Home:
  • Start the process of cleaning by dousing it wholly with a hose spray in a gentle mode.
  • Once the statue gets wet, clean it using a soft bristle brush or with a cloth in every nook and crevice where the chances of dust assemblage are more.
  • Once you are completed with scrubbing, give the home garden statue a final flurry and let it air dry.
  • Repeat this method of washing from time to time to keep it away from any biological development.

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Height: 36in    Width: in    Length: in
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Bring this Ganesha home or decorate your office or gift them to your beloved ones.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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