Unique Sandstone Jagannath (Narayana Vesha – Vishnu Avatar) Statue 8 ft

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The unique Jagannath statue of Narayana Vesha 8 ft statue is a traditionally inspired aesthetic with an elegantly chiseling structure in a brief detailing. The earthy tone makes an excellent focal point of any décor.

Material: Sandstone / Khondalite Stone
Dimension(HWL): 96 x 48 x 20 inch
Height: 8 ft
Position: Standing Statue

The goodly Jagannath effigy:
  • It’s an effigy of Lord Vishnu with the face of Lod Jagannath depicting the Narayana Avatar of Lord Jagganath.
  • Standing over a two-layer pedestal chisel with all shorts of ornaments all over his body.
  • Seen holding the Sudarshana Chakra, conch shell, mace, and Abhay Mudra in his four hands.
  • The complex sculpt is made by the proficient artificer of CRAFTS ODISHA, where stone carving is globally popular for its intricate carving and design.
The Lord of the Universe: Jagannath
  • Lord Jagannath is considered to be one of the Avatar of Lord Vishnu.
  • Jaga means world and Nath means Lord, so, he is considered as the lord of the world.
  • According to many Vedic books, mention that Jagannatha is Krishna.
Suggestion and directions while  placing the stone sculptures:
  • It is favorable to install the structure in the north or northeast corner, facing him to the east.
  • An ideal option to place in temples for worship.
  • The potent stone sculptures can be used in outdoor placement like the entrance of the shrine, gate of any holy pilgrimage.
Benefits one will get by keeping the divine statue.
  • Keeping sacred statues and worshipping them with a pure heart is believed to fulfill the wishes of the devotee.
  • Any obstacle coming into life is easily removed by keeping the idol.
  • Having the divine vision of the Lord will bless them with proper consciousness and award spiritual liberation.
How to clean the decorative stone:
  • The beautiful decorative stone is made out of Sandstone.
  • Sandstone is not only durable but also weather-proof.
  • Wipe the statue with a piece of cloth or broom over the surface.
  • Keep it dusting periodically, so the dust would not make compile over the surface.

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Height: 96in    Width: 48in    Length: 20in
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This Statue can be used in temple or puja. You can also use it as outdoor statue.

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6ft +