Yellow Teakwood Stone Small Garden Lamp Post

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This yellow teakwood stone small garden lamp post showcases an unconventional take on lighting concept. It is highly adaptable to a wide range of lighting needs.

Material: Teakwood stone statue
Dimension(HWL):  18 x 9 x 9 inch
Height: 1.5 ft

Feature of the decorative stone:

  • A tier-based lamp post is described here, that is made from Sandstone which looks alike teakwood.
  • Spacious hollows are carved so the light can disperse widely.
  • This carving shows how a simple stone can turn into a magnificent one when went into a proficient hand.
Transform your outdoor space with our expert tips:
  • The 1.5 ft lamp can highlight a deck with stairs, porch, or patio ensuring one will not trip over in dark.
  • Give your guest a warm welcome by incorporating the lamp in the entrance of your home.
  • Besides Garden gnomes, the small flower beds light up a strong presence in your park, garden, or landscaping.
  • Make a series on the edge of driveways that will look brilliant after sundown.
  • Incorporate it in your pathway home, not only improve curb appeal but also make walking along the path safer.
  • Add real drama to your outdoor water features like a swimming pool, fountain, or pond, illuminating walkways lead to the water feature add some near the water so the reflection can be seen through the water.
  • Go one step ahead and mounted the lamp post on top of a wall.
Follow our little and easy advice to clean up your decorative stone:
  • Lighting is one of the important features of outdoor illumination and also adds a wow factor to your exterior decor.
  • Cobwebs and loose dust often accumulates, which diminishes their sparkle, which needs cleaning. Make this chore easier with our easy tips and suggestion.
  • Before starting cleaning makes sure the electricity is turned off. Take the bulb out of the fitting using protective gloves, and let it cool down.
  • The lamp post is detachable so that each piece can be cleaned in properly. Now using of lint-free cloth wipe the light bulb. Use a dust broom to buff the cobwebs, and dust each one properly.
  • Once you are done with dusting, reassemble the lamp post, and enjoy the illumination.
  • Twice a year or as per requirement clean the lamp post with water by rinsing and detaching all the grime and moss with a coco bru.

Additional information

Height: 18in    Width: 9in    Length: 9in
Statue Type

Stone Type


This beautiful stone lamp posts can be used in garden lighting, swimming pool lighting, street lighting, park lighting, lawn lighting and landscape designing.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Packing & Delivery

Aprox. Time for Packing & Despatch : 3 to 4 days, Aprox Time of Delivery: 6-10 days

Statue Height

1.5 ft