Black Granite Stone Carving Shiva Lingam Idol for Temple 9 inch

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The granite stone carving Shivalingam is a beautiful masterpiece for your home and the temple from the house of famous stone carving by Odisha artisans is a sturdy structure worthy of vintage appeal.

Material:  Black stone / Granite statue
Dimension(HWL): 9 x 7 x 11 inch
Height: 9 inch
Length: 1 ft

Shivalingam: The atom model

  • The above structure is made out of granite stone.
  • An oval-shaped stone (the Linga), rests on the center of the circular base pedestal (the yoni as Shakti), with a passage for drainage of milk or water poured on the top of the Lingam.
  • It is a piece made by the skilled artisans of Odisha, which is famous for its magnificent stone carving worldwide.
The most powerful pantheon of Hindu deities:  The Adiyogi Lord Shiva
  • Lord Shiva is worshipped in form of Linga with his consort Shakti in all his shrines.
  • The Linga is the representation of a male productive organ, where the pedestal symbolizes the female aspect of the Yoni, the union of the two forms all the lives.
  • The Shivalingam consists of three parts, represent the trinity; Bramha, Vishnu, and Shiva.
  • The lower part is called the Bramha-Peetha and represents the creator of the universe. The middle part is the Vishnu-Peetha which preserves the creation, while the top part, is Shiva-Peetha, symbolizes destruction.
 Where to place the sacred Shivalingam: benefits of the Indian statues
  • Worshipping a black Shivalingam will bring happiness to your life. But the right placement is also necessary to rip the meritorious result.
  • While keeping Shivalingam at home/temple/office, make sure it should be placed at the North zone, where mount Himalaya is, this is where  Lord Shiva resides.
  • Increases healing properties of chronic illness, strengthens the whole body by charging the chakra system.
  • Beneficial for marital life, as well as, enhances the harmony and love between the family.
  • Apart from the altar, you can use it as a décor piece, in your institution, landscaping/garden with few lush green hays, colorful stones, and flowers around it.
Tips and Guides of cleaning of the sacred Indian statues:
  • The structure above is made from durable stone like granite.
  • The advantage of the granite stone is that it is a weatherproof material.
  • Wipe the surface of the Indian statues with a damp cloth, else you can clean it with running water.
  • The cleaning should be carried every other day to get rid of the dirt from accumulating.

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Height: 9in    Width: 7in    Length: 11in
Statue Type

Stone Type


This Statue can be used in temple or puja. You can also use it as outdoor statue.

Statue Care

Clean With Water

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