Colourful tribal life painting decorative bottle

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Patachitra paintings have been an exquisite art form of Odisha and with the brilliance of the skillful artisans fused with a glass bottle gives a unique, different yet a classy outcome. This brilliantly painted bottle has fluorescent shades of orange, green, blue, yellow and white with precise tribal art on it, which is not only beautifying the old waste glass bottle but also will lighten up your mood and brighten up your house. This bottle will make a beautiful decorative décor accent. So grab these at a very affordable amount for your friends and family.

Patachitra is an exquisite art form of Odisha being practiced by skilled artisans since decades. Its varied form and beauty is beyond comprehension. They are not just paintings on palm leaves, canvas or cloths but are stories engraved with color and ink.

Patachitra Bottles are wonderful fusion of waste, nature and skill. The paints used for painting these bottles are made out of natural ingredients and the bottles that are waste for the society are transformed into these beautiful artifacts.

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