Garuda Statue Unique Soapstone Carving

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The Garuda Statue Unique Soapstone carving with natural materials showcases an especially creative way to decorate with a unique kneeling position of the semi-divine Garuda God.

Material: Soapstone / Pinkstone
Dimension(HWL): 6 inch
Position: Kneeling
Height: 6 inch

About the Garuda statue:

  • The statue is seen kneeling with the right leg vertically folded but the knee is raised while the leg is folded and placed horizontally on a two-layer lotus pedestal.
  • He is a mix of the human body, limbs, head, and wings, talons, beaks of an eagle.
  • His hands are folded in Anjali Mudra with wings spread out.
  • The splendid engraved image is formed by the artificer of Odisha where stone carving is globally famous for its complex design.
The embodiment of strength: Garuda
  • The semi-divine is the mount of Lord Vishnu.
  • He is widely known as the king of all birds and the enemy of snakes.
  • You won’t find any Dhwaja of Lord Vishnu without Garuda.
Direction and placement opinions:
  • The statue should be kept in the southwest while facing him to the Northeast.
  • Use the divine statue in the temple for worshiping purposes.
  • You can put either side of any Vishnu temple or atop it.
  • If you want to add a unique element to your backyard, park, or garden then what is better than keeping a statue genuflecting the Garuda God?
  • Create a major outdoor focal point with the help of a little gravel and greenery around it.
  • Place it near any water fountain, pond, or artificial water feature, so you can enjoy the relaxing sound of water while admiring the beauty of your statue.
  • Add a pop of color to your garden by placing the statue on a flower bed surrounded by lilies, roses, Azalea, Alyssa, Cassia, etc.
  • The statue has its own unique look which will add tons of curb appeal to your home, garden, or park.
  • Gift your boss a statue of Garuda and he will not delay your promotion anymore.
Blessings of keeping the stone sculpture of Garuda God:
  • It can do wonders in improving one’s ability and creativity.
  • It also helps to excel in the respective occupation.
  • The statue is beneficial for the betterment of life.
A guiding:
  • Its weather-proof and durability make this stone sculpture prominent.
  • For cleaning, wipe it with a piece of cloth or dust it with a hand broom.
  • Clean it from time to time to keep the dirt away from the Garuda Statue.

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Height: 6in    Width: in    Length: in
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Bring this statue of happiness and luck home, decorate it in your office for prosperity and good luck or gift them to your loved ones.

Statue Care

Wipe it with soft cloth.

Packing & Delivery

Aprox. Time for Packing & Despatch : 3 to 4 days, Aprox Time of Delivery: 6-10 days

Statue Height

6-8 inch