Green Granite Stone Goddess Maa Kali Statue 15 in

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The Goddess Maa Kali stone statue is a truly sheer first impression well suited durable piece of art.
Consider this model for use in interior themes to add a tremendous decorative impact.

Stone Type: Blackstone / Granite stone
Dimensions(HWL): 15 x 9 x 4 inch
Position: Standing

 Stone statue of Goddess “Kali”: The quintessential epitome of Shakti  

  • The aggressive statue of Maa Kali is standing over the chest of Lord Shiva.
  • She is wearing a necklace of beheaded heads, a skirt of arms, and an overhang tongue.
  • The womanly strength has been carved delicately in the statue.
  • Stone carving occupies a major role in Odisha crafts, the skilled artisans have made it popular worldwide with their magnificent stone carving.
The embodiment of feminine strength and power:  
  • She is the ultimate personification of Goddess Parvati, consort of Lord Shiva, and the mother of all living beings.
  • In Sanskrit “Kali” stands for “The black one”.
  • She is the most intense and destructive form of Shakti. She is fearsome, ferocious, violent yet very compassionate.
  • Her birth conveys a strong message of the dominance of nature over man, even a powerful Lord like Shiva is motionless in front of her.
Ideas for the home décor statue of Maa Kali:: suggestion with benefits:
  • The idol of Maa Kali should be facing south, whether it is in your home or any other place. Because the South zone aid as the zone of fame and relaxation and goddess Kali is the embodiment of energy, which brings you fame and recognition.
  • Keeping her in the temple of your home or office and the apartment will be promising and favorable.
  • You can place the home décor stone sculpture at the entrance of your home, office, shop, living room, reception, office cabin, etc.
Guide to  take care of the home décor green granite statue:
  • The splendid sculpture of the Goddess is made from weatherproof stone-like green Granite.
  • The durability of this material does not require any specific care.
  • You can use a soft cloth over the surface of the statue to get rid of the dirt.
  • The cleaning of the home décor idol should be done every alternate day.

Additional information

Height: 15in    Width: 9in    Length: 4in
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Bring this statue of happiness and luck home, decorate it in your office for prosperity and good luck or gift them to your loved ones.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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