Soapstone Mahishasura-Mardini Maa Durga Statue 15 in

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Don’t have to be ornate to make a decorative statement! a precise and subtle decor can capture attention while maintaining minimalistic clarity, like this ” Mahishsshura Mardini Maa Durga statue” rendered in a satisfying earthy finish.

Material: Pinkstone / Soapstone
Dimension(HWL): 15 x 9 x 3 inch
Position: Standing
Height: 15 inch

The peculiarity of the bold Maa Durga statue:
  • The spirited statue of Goddess Durga is riding on a lion while killing a demon “Mahisasura” on a pedestal of lotus.
  • Fine carving of jewelry all over her body, with ten mighty arms carrying lethal weapons.
  • The art of sculpting and giving a realistic touch to a single piece of stone is not an easy job. The brilliancy of the craftsman can be seen and felt through the above fantabulous idol.
Goddess Durga: The supreme Shakti 
  • She is the Goddess of feminine power and strength.
  •  A demon named Mahishashurs earned the boon of immortality by Lord Bramha pleasing him with hard penance, only to be killed by a feminine force.
  • Mahishashura and his men started attacking humans on the earth and Devas in Trilok. To stop the misdeeds, the trinity foaming the pure energy of Godhood”Bramha, Vishnu, and Mahesh” becoming concentrated and in one spot and form (the) Goddess “Durga”.
  • Tale of the fierce battle of Durga with Mahisashura: Goddess Durga pounced on the demon pushing him on the ground with her left leg, pierced him with her trident, and beheaded him with the sword.
  • The Festival of Navaratri is celebrated as nine days dedicated to nine divine forms of Goddess Durga.
Catch the eye with the right placement: 
  • The southwest zone is best suited to place the idol as per Vaastu.
  • Your living room is the most obvious place to exhibit the sculpt. Display it on a shelving unit, floating cabinet over your sofa, or in a windowed cabinet.
  • Accent shelving unit of your living/office also is a fine idea to display the art decor.
  • Putting it on a heightened table in the hallway/foyer or hallway are some places to grab the attention of the onlooker.
  • It serves as a significant present for the loved one, who is always there for you.
Boons one may get by placing the mother Goddess:
  • The one who bestows materials power to her devotees.
  •  Prosperity, wealth, and fame are bestowed upon her worshiper.
  • The deliverer from miseries.
Have an easy time for caring and cleaning your stone sculptures:
  • The gorgeous stone sculptures are made from weather-resistant and shatter-proof material like Soapstone.
  • commence by wiping the statue gently with a soft cloth or feathered brush, by focusing on the details portion of the statue where dirt usually collects.
  • The routine clean-up removes the surface buildup to protect their original beauty.

Additional information

Height: 15in    Width: 9in    Length: 3in
Stone Type

Statue Position


Place it in your house or workplace for attracting prosperity and warding off bad influence.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height