Soapstone Goddess Durga Mahisasura-Mardini Statue 15 in

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Home, where every inch of space counts the Goddess Durga statue, will be a real space saver. A great solution to minimal space and high gloss earthy finish of the Mahishashura Mardini idol effortlessly fits the bill / your pocket.

Material: Soapstone / Pink stone
Dimension(HWL):  15 x 10 x 3 inch
Position: Standing
15 inch

Regarding the spunky home statue decor:

  • The forging sculpture is the statue of “Goddess Durga”, the feminine power.
  • The gorgeous statue is seen riding on her mount lion and slaying a demon with her trident.
  • The sculpt is beautifully engraved on a pedestal of lotus. The Goddess is adorned with ornaments engraved on her body beautifying the fierce look more confidently.
  • The land of stunning stone sculptures “Odisha”, where craftsmen have carved splendid sculptures through the ages like the above one
The story unfolding Goddess Durga & Mahishashura:
  • A demon named Mahishashura was granted a boon by Bramha, which made him immortal except being killed by a feminine force.
  • Empowered by boons he terrorized all the three worlds along with his army. Finally, the gods realized they has to stop the demon and came together to create a  supreme celestial being, combining the power of all the trinity, a powerful woman emerged, she was “Durga”.
  • Goddess Durga armed with weapons in multiple hands mounted on a lion rode to the demon nine days of fighting took place on the tenth day she beheaded the beast with her trident.
  • The 10th the thus widely celebrated as “Vijaya Dashmi” the victory of good over evil. And she earned the name ” Mahishashura Mardini”.
Some creative ways to make your beloved sculpture grab notice:
  • Vaastu suggests the southeast corner is the most appropriate zone to place the Durga idol at home/office.
  • Floating shelves and ledges atop any sofa or sideboard look sophisticated, for displaying the religious sculpt.
  • Build-in-shelving or any accent shelving unit gives you enough space to rearrange your decor with your preference.
  • This statue will fit perfectly in the windowed cabinet or in the bookshelves, worthy to look for.
  • Put the sculpture on a heightened table/pedestal and make it a focal point in your hallway/entryway/gallery or foyer.
Create the aura of positive energy and grace of Goddess Durga:
  • The feminine epitome of strength, the devotee is blessed with material power and wealth.
  • She fights the evil spirit so any malicious or negative effects of planets you are facing will be warded off by the grace of goddess Durga.
  • Welcome peace and positivity into your life with the sacred statue.
Some effort and care to make your statue surface always glossy:
  • Soapstones are soft and peculiar properties like shatter-proof and durable.
  • A light dusting with a fine soft cloth or a soft bristle brush can be used to remove the dulling dust layer over the surface of the home statue decor.
  • It needs time to time regular cleaning to maintain its smooth, delicate appearance.

Additional information

Height: 15in    Width: 10in    Length: 3in
Stone Type

Statue Position


Place it in your house or workplace for attracting prosperity and warding off bad influence.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height