Pink Sandstone Pedestal for Placing Statue 1.5 ft

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Here’s another creative pedestal idea that demonstrates the versatility of the piece, this Bansi Paharpur Sandstone pedestal for placing the statue feels decidedly modern and radical.

Material: Bansi Paharpur Pink Sandstone statue
Dimension(HWL):  18  x 18 x 12 inch
1.5 ft

Features of the artistic garden statue: 

  • It’s a sculptural pedestal statue made for multipurpose use the statue, and accent placement.
  • A square shaped pedestal engraved with flower petals in the center elevates the sculpture’s beauty to a different level.
Where to place the pedestal:
  • A planter on a pedestal is a perfect finishing touch to this coastal living room.
  • For a contemporary look, holding up a tower of rocks on it, call to mind the age-old dichotomy between manmade and natural beauty.
  • Use your imagination creatively to display awards, instruments, and mementos from touring while a beautiful postmodern pedestal props up a planter containing birds of paradise.
  • Pedestals bring value to any room in the house, including unexpected places, like the bathroom to place any decorative pieces on to it
  • Incorporate it in the entryway, and foyer, no decorative accents are necessary, a pedestal is all you need.
  • A shop mannequin torso, a planter, or anything of your choice exhibited in the living will draw the eye into the living room from the entryway.
Ways to clean the stone sculptures:
  • It is important to regularly clean your outdoor sculpture, which helps them to last longer and look nicer for many years.
  • Use a garden hose with a gentle setting, and shower the stone sculptures.
  • Rinse the stone sculptures with a sponge gently as you scrub them.
  • Rinse with the hose again, and use a soft cloth to dry the statue.

Additional information

Height: 18in    Width: 18in    Length: 12in
Statue Type

Stone Type


This pedestal can be used as a statue base or statue stand.

Statue Care

Clean With Water, Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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Statue Height

1.5 ft