Pink Soapstone Soft Stone Small Garuda Idol 4 inch

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    The smooth finish, humble design, and luxury touch by supporting a convenient shelf décor ” the small Garuda ” idol is a fresh take on the classic concept of the artwork.

    Material: Pinkstone / Pink Soapstone
    Dimension(HWL): 4 x 2.5 x 2 inch
    Position: Kneeling

    Details about the  stone sculptures; A hybrid between man and eagle

    • The statuette is seen kneeling with the right leg bent and the left one stretch behind on a two-layer lotus pedestal.
    • Chiseled with human limbs,  an eagle-like nose, hands are seen folded in Namaste posture, with wings slightly open like it’s ready to fly.
    • The beautiful statuette is built by the skilled artificer of Odisha, where stone carving is famous worldwide for its intricate carving.
    Garuda:  Lord of the sky
    • Garuda is the vehicle mount of God Vishnu.
    • Known as the king of birds and the enemy of all Nagas.
    • He can transform himself into any form and can enter anywhere.
    • Mostly found in Hindu temples of Lord Vishnu.
    • He is widely admired for his service, concern, and speed, and strength in many mythological stories.
    • Garuda also has mentioned in the Buddhist text,  in the name of “Garula” birds with golden wings.
    Direction and suggestion of placement: 
    • The saintly idol should be set in the southwest zone and face the northeast.
    • The idol can be used in the temple of your home or office.
    • You can place it in the cupboard, cabin, and showcase of your living room and office.
    • The dashboard of your car and reception desk will also prove to be a favorable place to set the idol.
    • Gift your dear one with the tiny-winy sculpts on their special occasion.
    Few advantages of keeping the stone sculptures:
    • It helps you to outshine in your respective area of work, by increasing self-confidence and courage.
    • Prevent from the evil eye and negative energy from your home and business life.
    • He provides name, fame, and wealth to his devotee in all walks of life.
    • Fulfills the life with joyous and happiness of his idolater.
    Guidance  for cleaning and dusting:
    • The sculpt is built from durable stone-like Soapstone.
    • Soapstone materials are weather-proof and non-porous.
    • You can make use of a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the stone sculptures.
    • Dust it time to time, to keep the glaze of the statue.

    Additional information

    Height: 4in    Width: 2.5in    Length: 2in
    Statue Type

    Stone Type

    Statue Position


    You can use this statue for decoration, puja or gifting purpose.

    Statue Care

    Wipe it with soft cloth.

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    Statue Height

    3-5 inch