Polished Sitting Granite Stone Ganesha Statue 20 inch

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An exquisite finish that adds instant sophistication to any interior or exterior space even can be made into a lovely housewarming gift, this polished sitting granite stone Ganesha statue has multiple functionalities while allowing a wide variety of display possibilities.

Material: Blackstone / Granite Stone
20 x 13 x 6 inch
20 inch

Some narration of the Ganesha god:

  • Widely revered, more specifically, as the remover of obstacles and thought to bring good luck; the patron of arts and sciences; and the deva of intellect and wisdom “Lord Ganesha” statue is depicted here.
  • The  Ganesha statue is shown sitting over a lotus base, in Lalitasana pose with four hands is shown.
  • With four of his hands, he is seen holding a goad, a noose, and a sweet ball (Modak) while the last one is gesturing in Abhay Mudra.
  • The highly rich granite finish displays the vibrancy of the granite’s colors as well as the character of the stone. The state of Odisha is known for its rich cultural and artistic inheritance form of art which is practiced by many efficient artificers. Making it globally popular through its intricate carving equally.
The right trunk stone Ganesha statue: Importance & significance
  • Vastu Shastra suggests that the West, North, and North East directions are best to place the idol of Lord Ganesha. The face of Lord Ganesha’s idol should face the North direction.
  • Lord Ganesha is widely honored as the remover of obstacles and as the Hindu god of luck and fortune.
  • He is the Hindu god of starts and therefore he is honored at the start of all kinds of good acts and ceremonies.
  • Lord Ganesha is the Vighneshvara, the remover of obstacles (vigna). Hence, Lord Ganesha is often worshiped by the people before they begin anything new.
  • The right direction trunk represents the Lod Sun and its powers. The right side trunk is called Siddhi Vinayaka.
  • As per Hinduism, Devi Siddhi, one of the wives of Lord Ganesha resides to his right and hence the trunk curved to the right is called Siddhi Vinayaka.
  • The right-sided trunk of Lord Ganesha represents freedom from all worldly pleasures and the attainment of Moksha.
Create the ultimate outdoor gateway with the Ganesha statue:
  • What’s so satisfying about a living room that’s full of neutrals is its minimalistic and cool exhibition of the stone Ganesha statue.
  • The overall character of the living room creates a clean look in the nooks and corners.
  • Maximizes the use of small spaces, under the staircase, & patio.
  • Neutral colors can expand space in areas where mood and ambiance are paramount so exhibiting them in the garden will look gorgeous.
  • Creativity is at the root of beautiful decor especially if you have any artificial water feature in your garden or landscaping.
  • If you like colors that pop and express joy and vivacity, splash some rainbow flowers among which the statue can be placed.
  • Displaying the Gesneha statue in the entryway or foyer will delight everyone who walks into the room.
Lord Ganesha showers with boons on his worshiper:
  • A green jade statue of Ganpati is believed to help improve the Vaastu of a structure.
  • Keep a green Lord Ganesha statue to attain harmony and peace in the devotee’s lives.
  • All the obstacles are removed by keeping this. It brings prosperity to one’s life.
  •  Intensifies the positive effects of Mercury and reduces its negative effects.
Conservation & restoration of the Ganesha statue:
  •  If you notice your statue becoming dirty, you will want to take steps to make it clean and beautiful again. Make sure to use the right cleaning products for the type of stone you are washing.
  • Greenstone is an easy surface to clean. You can simply wipe the statue with a wet cloth to clean it
  • Take some soft, clean clothes with you. Old towels will work fine.
  • Dampen your sponges in your bucket of water. Once they are wet, gently begin wiping down the surface of the stone.
  • After you are done, rinse with clean, plain water. And dry it with a towel.

Additional information

Height: 20in    Width: 13in    Length: 6in
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Bring this Ganesha home or decorate your office or gift them to your beloved ones.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

20 inch