Buddha Statue in Pink Soap Stone for Home 4 inch

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Buddha Statue in Pink Soap Stone for Home 4 inch. A wide-reaching elegant effect wherever you want to place it. The artful rich stone finish makes it worth decor.
Material: Soapstone/ Pinkstone
Dimension(HWL): 4 x 4 x 1.5 inch
Position: SittingSiddhartha Gautama was born into a royal family, son of king Shudhodana of the Kashya tribe. living in all luxury and lush, away from the real suffering of the outside world until the age of 29, he married and had a child. one day he went outside on the way he saw an old person, a sick and dead man carrying to cremation ground for the first time he encountered the harsh reality of human life. This experience disturb him the most, he realized that no one could have avoided these definite traits of life. On the same day, he saw a monk who was walking very peacefully on the road, so this made him search for a solution for the inevitable suffering of life. Buddha left home and for 6 years he met many ascetics, follow much self-denial, discipline but was unable to find the answer either. And finally one day he set beneath a Bodhi tree and with deep meditation and concentration he achieved enlightenment.

The statue is known as the Bhumisparsa pose or the earth witness pose. During his meditation, a demon named Mara tried to prevent Lord Buddha from achieving his goal, as a result, Buddha touch the earth to witness his enlightenment. The earth goddess appeared and swept away Mara with flood and bore the witness of his enlightenment. In the Bhumisparasa pose, Buddha is seen sitting in Vajrasana pose in a lotus. Right-hand flat on the right knee fingertips pointing towards the ground palm upward, the left hand resting on the lap, palm up. Closed eye in deep meditation.

The Bhumisparsa statue is useful to transform aggression into wisdom, helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and spread soothing energy into the home/office. It is a beautiful spiritual gift that can opt to give tour loved ones.

Placement: This mudra is always favorable where every place you want to statue it. The study, library, office desk, drawing room, shelf, only make sure to face him east while placing. As it represents the earth element it can be placed at the center also.

Care: Soapstone is a nonporous material so the cleaning also is very easy. You need a broom or cloth only to dust the statue whenever required.

Additional information

Height: 4in    Width: 4in    Length: 1.5in
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Place this beautiful statue in your home or you can gift them on special occasion.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

3-5 inch

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