Konark Wheel Soap Stone Statue 8 inch

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Look no further, than this Konark Soapstone Wheel Soapstone Statue is great for any tabletop decor to a desk job, because home decoration always need not be colorful, a perfect fit for any home or office embellishment.

Material: Pink Soapstone
Dimension(HWL): 10.2 x 12 x 1.3  inch
Weight: 2 kg

The Konark Wheel: The architectural elegance
  • The statue above is a replica of the Konark wheel, with 8 spokes circular rings installed on a base having similar decoration at their ends.
  • The wheel can be easily detachable from its base. Two horses were seen on each side of the wheel, with a fine engraving of various men, animals, and flowers all over the sculpture.
  • The sophisticated creation is a showpiece of the heritage, made by the skillful craftsmen of Odisha.
The wheel of time or the wheel of life: 
  • The wheel is also known as the “wheel of life”. The cycle of creation, preservation, and self-realization.
  • The wheel is the base of the chariot, consisting of 8 major spokes and 8 minor spokes.
  • The spokes also signify the Prahars (three-hour periods) of a day.
  • Distance between the 2 major spokes is 180 minutes and the minor spoke between two major spokes is 90 minutes. There are 30 beads between one major spoke to the next minor spoke and each bead represents 3 minutes. The Sundial shows time anti-clockwise and the top center wider spoke represents midnight. To calculate time after the sunset, the moon dial works just like the sundial.
Some tips and suggestions for the home decor statue:
  • The miniature sculpt can easily insert into any shelf of a cupboard and showcase.
  • Place it on your study, office, reception desk, coffee table, etc.
  • It can place at any office and home décor as it represents the image of the world heritage.
  • A reasonable gifting option for any official or personal occasion of your dear one.
How to care the elegant decorative stone statue:
  • The historical decorative stone statue is made of Soapstone.
  • Soapstone is well-known for its non-porous quality and weather-resistant nature.
  • Take a piece of dry cloth or a small brush to wipe the surface of the stone sculptures.
  • The cleaning should be done every other day to keep the dust away from the stone sculptures.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Height: 10.2in    Width: 12in    Length: 1.3in
Stone Type


Place this beautiful statue in your home or you can gift them on special occasion.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.