Lord Krishna

“Aum Devkinandanaye Vidmahe
Vasudevaye Dhi-Mahi
Tan No Krishna Prachodadayat”


The eighth incarnation of the supreme Lord Vishnu, a part of the trinity of Indian mythology, the supreme power that protects the universe from devastation, he the preserver having a wide range of followers called as Gaudiya-Vaishnavas. Lord Vishnu took form of Krishna to end the wrath of the demon king Kansha, by being born as the eighth son of his sister Devaki and Vasudeva. But raised by Nanda and mata Devaki at Gokuldham. Even after being a supreme power he lived a life of a normal human being in Dwapar yug, experiencing every pain, emotions, and cycles bounded by attachments and humanly bonds.


Lord Krishna is often depicted as dark complexioned boy wearing a peacock-feather over his head, and playing his favourite musical instrument flute. In this form, he is usually depicted standing with one leg bent in front of the other in the Tribhanga posture. He is sometimes accompanied by cows or a calf, which explains why he is widely called as Gopala or Govinda.

Lord Krishna is also famous for his playful and mischievous nature, portrayed as surrounded by the gopis, drowned in romance, music and pranks. Lord Krishna was the saviour of mankind and protected the whole universe from fury of several dangerous demons such as Putana, Banasura, Narakasura, Bakasura, Vatsasura and many more.

In one life he played the role of a caring son, a brilliant brother, a caring friend, a brave warrior, a courageous saviour, a romantic lover, a talented musician, an efficient ruler, a kind-hearted king and the Unblemished Lord. He is the one and only “Manohara Lokadhyaksha”, the beautiful lord of all three lokas.

The birth of Shri Krishna is widely celebrated worldwide by his devotees as Janmasthami. In Iskon Temple it is the most important festival, all the Krishna temples get flooded by people. It is believed that whoever does the Janmasthami vrata with complete devotion is bestowed with the blessings of Krishna. This festival is celebrated throughout every houses and temples with excitement and happiness, small kids are disguised into Krishna and is worshipped.  The birthplace of Krishna, Mathura and his work place Vrindavan gets flooded with people and tourists, who come over to experience the birth of the Lord.

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